Isacco, designed by Dario Antoniali is the Winner of The Archiproducts Design Awards 2020

Isacco is an innovative laundry basket, as it changes shape according to the garments that are put inside of it. Designed by Dario Antoniali, Isacco is produced for OLTRE Society Design Collection, a permanent laboratory where ideas and craftmanship create new objects, designed to partner with Society Limonta's textile collections.

Isacco laudry basket design award Archiproducts

Judged and chosen by a jury panel made up of the leading figures in Architecture and Design, Isacco is awarded in the bathroom category among «the winning entries stood out for their unique concept and represent the excellence in creativity, technology and research.  Winners stand out for their courage to innovate, keeping a keen eye on sustainability and ethical Design, as well as their ability of inspiring people worldwide». (Archiproducts Design Awards 2020)

Isacco design award Archiproducts

Dario Antoniali is born in Carate Brianza in 1994. He started his career path at Istituto d’Arte in Monza, attending courses in Industrial and Environmental Product Design, where his creativity was born and shaped. A Bachelor Degree in Artistic Projects for Industry at Accademia di Belle Arti - Brera enlarged his horizon in the Design field. After the Master Degree in Product Design at Accademia, Dario started elaborating a personal view on the concept of Design, bringing him to experiment with his first projects.

Dario Antoniali

Dario Antoniali