Milan Design Week 2022 Society Limonta presents its wallpaper collection

For the Milan Design Week 2022, Society Limonta presents its first wallpaper collection. Born from the collaboration with Limonta Wall and designed by Beatrice Rossetti, this refined novelty re-elaborates some of Society’s most iconic patterns.

Society Limonta Milano Design Week 2022 collezione wallpaper Limonta

Society Limonta Milano Design Week 2022 collezione carta da parati Limonta

The prints reclaim classical patterns, flowers and geometrical effects that seem to be painted. They belong to the historic archive, which has always been the heart of Society Limonta’s universe. The new collection is an exclusive and fascinating dialog between colours, textures and proportions which have been revisited to give the house an extra touch of uniqueness.

Society Limonta collezione wallpaper Limonta

Society Limonta collezione wallpaper Limonta

The new wallpapers have a timeless elegance that break the physical limits of the walls, extending Society Limonta’s style to the whole structure of the house. All the details, from the spontaneous refinement of the textiles up to the eclectic hues of the wallpapers, become an expression of charm and personality.

carte da parati society limonta

During the Milan Design Week 2022, Society Limonta collaborates with De Padova in the refined and contemporary reinterpretation of Raffles collection, created by Vico Magistretti. Through time it has become a true symbol of decor, but today Raffles manages to live again thanks to the beauty and the style of Society Limonta’s textile proposals. In full compliance with the original project, Raffles get dressed with the soft elegance of Dress cloth which enhances its contemporary beauty. 

From the 7th to the 12th of June, thanks to the new interpretation of the collection, which is an homage to quality and colour, Vico Magistretti’s simple, but never ordinary, elegance will live again.

Raffles di De Padova in collaborazione con Society Limonta

raffles di de padova in collaborazione con society limonta

The Raffles collection covered with Dress fabric by Society Limonta was previewed at the Anteo Palazzo del Cinema on 6 June with a short film made among the shelves of Limonta’s 100-year-old archives. “The objective was very precise: to remake the fabric of Raffles while keeping its spirit intact. To do so, we were inspired by a collection we designed for clothing 22 years ago. The result was this tightly woven double satin, with approximately 160 threads per square centimetre. It feels like leather, but it is soft to the touch,” explained Society’s creative director Antonello Limonta, speaking about the genesis of the collaboration with De Padova.