Trust and a ‘Slow’ approach at the heart of our philosophy

Society Limonta su Espaces Contemporains

On the July/August 2021 issue of Espaces Contemporains, an in-depth article explores Society Limonta’s local manufacturing process, with a special focus on trust and slowness, core values in our approach to customers.

Alessio Lattanzi, store manager in Society Limonta’s boutique in Geneva, says,

building a relationship of trust with customers has always been fundamental to me. I wouldn’t be confident in selling something I don’t believe in. True trust is at the heart of the whole experience, it starts with the relationship with the Company and extends to the one with the customer, who feels welcomed and reassured by our open and informal attitude. We aim to make everyone feel at ease, even those who decide to discover the product one step at a time. I love the definition “slow sell”, as everything can be purchased separately. Customers can create and build their own collection of home textiles gradually. It’s a slow consumerism, a conscious purchase.

In the picture: Alessio Lattanzi, Store Manager and Fiona Windisch Society Limonta Genève