Society Limonta’s natural nuances paint Casa di Langa

Amidst the wine regions of Barolo, Barbaresco and Alta Langa, one hotel decorated its rooms with the intense colours typical of the grape harvest. 

Society Limonta brought shades of Camel, Bosco and Rose, along with the more neutral nuances Mastice and Fumo, to the gentle Piedmont slopes that surround Casa di Langa.

letto society limonta casa langa

The qualities chosen for the bathroom and the bedroom are a continuous reference to nature: the waffle weave of NID blankets and LIPE towels gives the textiles a tri-dimensional look, textured and elastic at the same time.

MOLTO bath mats complete the bathroom décor with their macro weave effect. Lastly, GOFF bedcover in pure cotton, thanks to its small symmetric embossed finishing, gives the room a cosy, unconventional look. 

copriletto society limonta per casa langa