Faded and hinted outlines, delicate and whispered colours: only through contemplation it becomes possible to experience that indefinite feeling of absoluteness summoned by nature. New textures and shades define living spaces with no dominating element, where all is balanced in harmony.

The new “In/definito” Spring Summer collection 2023 is expressed through two stories of style and architecture that meet and integrate in the dialogue between defined and undefined.
The surroundings are a pure expression of these two dimensions, they subvert the constructional limits, creating a deep connection between the indoors and the nature that surrounds it.


For the bedroom the best representation of the two opposite meanings of the word un-defined are the new bed linen SCIN, textile materialisation of the concept of not-defined, and PAR, that with its regular, neat, stripy pattern, embodies the concept of defined. SCIN flat sheet in pure cotton is made with extra fine threads printed first and then woven. The final effect is silky and the colour streaked. PAR pillow cases and sheets in pure cotton are decorated with yarn-dyed, regular, and slightly embossed stripes, and are available in antracite, pacifico, matcha, azalea and albicocca.


Three new tablecloths NIN, SKETCH and YER are made of a light and semi-transparent printed abaca. Undefined, blurry flowers inspired by waterlilies float on a mirror of matcha or azalea-coloured water on NIN tablecloth. Branches in full bloom and brushstrokes in albicocca and iceberg decorate SKETCH tablecloth. Finally, YER tablecloth, available in crab tones, features a geometric composition of overlapping shapes in different colours. Lastly, an unexpected twist is given by TAITI tablecloths made of raffia.


Dining Room


A new linen with a crèpe effect completes the bathroom collection: CREL, soft and comfortable, elegant and cosy is available as towels and bathrobes.


OLTRE Society Design Collection completes the lifestyle with new objects within the creative team or the result of collaboration with artists and designers similar to Society in taste and philosophy.

New collection

Oltre Society