Society Limonta’s design for the Spring Summer 2020 collection fully explores the cornerstone concept of relations and highlights the tactile nature of the company’s products.

The relationships between materials and colours, between humans and nature. The very word Relations embodies the combining of matter and ideas, bringing different elements together to create new textile interpretations.

Relations arise from the combination of two fine linen threads of different colour woven together, entwining seemingly different fibres in a perfect mixture of design and colour.


This season's new collection for beds include GIAN: gauzy sheets woven from two different coloured linen threads to create a beautiful iridescent effect. Light and delicate but full of character, this sheet has a smooth and soft touch. Stripes are reinterpreted in RAIA, a satin linen and cotton cloth with a solid-colour background and two bands full of multicoloured stripes of different thicknesses. Perfect for a summer bed, it can also be used as a light bedspread.




The collection of printed abaca tablecloths is quite unique with two new designs to decorate tables like contemporary works of art. Strong geometric shapes and wide bands of colour intertwine to form a contrasting lattice on an grey coloured background in the NAOS tablecloth, while the MAIND tablecloth offers a softer design with more diluted colours in neutral brushstrokes alternating with brighter tones. The stunning designs unfailingly interpret the concept of relations, weaving different coloured yarns to create a fil-à-fil effect on linen or cotton.


Dining Room


The bathroom takes up the two main colours of the collection, Citrus and Turquoise, using them in a wide range of materials and textures, and also adds an absolute uniqueness: MACO, a mix of cotton and linen with a waffle weave effect that is created by combining coloured yarn with white yarn, which dilutes the intensity of the colour to create an elegant mélange effect.




The fabrics in Society Limonta’s home collection are also perfect to wear. With the Spring Summer 2020 collection, #Relations, Society Limonta is introducing a summer capsule wardrobe, dedicated to those who love the quality and the freshness of the linen and cotton, for the pleasure to feel comfortable and natural.

New Collection


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