A new material for the table

Society Limonta ceramics is the ceramic tableware collection that was missing from the market. Stemming from the same desire to explore materials that inspired the creation of Society Limonta’s home couture, the line of handmade plates and accessories completes the tableware collection with an essential, natural and sophisticated touch.

Onda and Buto are two lines of Limoges porcelain plates with pure, essential contours, available in warm, natural sand, creamy white and smoky grey tones. Some items in the dinner service have a pleasantly textured internal surface, due to the “hot” application of a linen cloth that gives a delicate effect of the fabric impressed on the ceramic. The collection of dinner and soup plates, bowls and small accessories like the cutting board/tray and salad cutlery is completed by a series of dessert plates, as lightweight and delicate as paper and decorated with a distinctive bas-relief around the edge.

Each piece is handmade with expert craftsmanship, meaning every element is always one of a kind. The Society Limonta porcelain collection, designed by Beatrice Rossetti, adds an extra element to the game of combining table linen textures and the textural quality of porcelain.