Society Limonta Nite Copripiumino cotone lettoSociety Limonta Nite Copripiumino cotone letto

Nite Duvet Cover

From €385
Society Limonta Rem Copripiumino lino lettoSociety Limonta Rem Copripiumino lino letto

Rem Duvet Cover

From €495
Society Limonta Peach Copripiumino cotone lettoSociety Limonta Peach Copripiumino cotone letto

Peach Duvet Cover

From €475
Society Limonta Miro Copripiumino cotone lettoSociety Limonta Miro Copripiumino cotone letto

Miro Duvet Cover

From €550
Society Limonta Kash Copripiumino cotone lettoSociety Limonta Kash Copripiumino cotone letto

Kash Duvet Cover

From €975
Society Limonta Barre Copripiumino cotoneSociety Limonta Barre Copripiumino cotone

Barre Duvet Cover

From €595

A cuddle for every season

Society Limonta disrupts the word of home couture, refusing the idea of “set” for a more free, creative and contemporary attitude. Even their duvet covers, all singly purchasable, offer the opportunity for a new creative styling of the bed and bedroom, with new and unusual textile and colour combinations.

All duvet covers come in a rectangular sac shape, and in three sizes: standard size (250X200+45) opened on the bottom for an easy fitting of the duvet cover, and in USA Queen size (230X230) and King size (260x230) with buttons along the bottom opening.

The fabrics or the combination of fabrics that Society Limonta uses for its duvet covers enhance the duvet’s softness, for a nice feeling of wellness during the milder seasons, and a warm night cuddle when the temperatures become colder.