Rem Flat Sheet Rem Flat Sheet

Rem Flat Sheet

€316 €395
Nite Flat Sheets Nite Flat Sheets

Nite Flat Sheets

€236 €295
Nid Blanket Nid Blanket

Nid Blanket

€381,50 €545
Ted Throw Ted Throw

Ted Throw

€236 €295
Tab Table Cloth Tab Table Cloth

Tab Table Cloth

From €350

Dress your home with Society Limonta’s iconic style. 

Society Limonta’s continuous attention to research and experimenting for innovative solutions resulted in unexpected combinations that stood the test of time, making Society Limonta the Italian brand which revolutionised home textiles.

A curated selection of products, this collection conveys Society’s chromatic and textile identity. Every room, from the bedroom to the bathroom to the dining room is dressed in exquisite fabrics that give your senses a unique emotion. 

This collection of iconic products is like a manual of stylewellbeing and elegance. The most representative products of Society’s identity, because of their unconventional fabric, weave or uniqueness, are included. Like TED, a throw in a very soft alpaca wool, which gives a sensation of impalpable wellbeing to the skin. Or REM linen sheet, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional linen sheet, with a soft finishing and available in neutral nuances.
Products are available in both neutral and seasonal colours.