Society Limonta Tab Tovaglia lino tavolaSociety Limonta Tab Tovaglia lino tavola

Tab Table Cloth

From €315
Society Limonta Bon Tovaglia lino tavolaSociety Limonta Bon Tovaglia lino tavola

Bon Table Cloth

From €295
Society Limonta Bijou Tovaglia lino tavolaSociety Limonta Bijou Tovaglia lino tavola

Bijou Table Cloth

From €690
Society Limonta Ols Tovaglia lino tavolaSociety Limonta Ols Tovaglia lino tavola

Ols Table Cloth

From €1.200
Society Limonta Chicco Tovaglia lino tavolaSociety Limonta Chicco Tovaglia lino tavola

Chicco Tablecloth

From €675

The traditional linen tablecloth revisited in a modern style

Traditional craftsmanship, revisited in a more contemporary style. This is the linen tablecloth collection, soft with a strong, slightly wavy texture. A classic for the table, which Society Limonta transforms in a modern tablecloth with a timeless allure. Two evergreen tablecloths available in two different weights: Bon with a heavier and more substantial fabric, but ductile and soft at the same time, while Tab is made with a light, slightly creased, linen tablecloth with a cool and natural look.
The same material is also used for the embroidered versions, as in Jour, a macro contemporary version of the traditional Sangallo embroidery running all along the border of the tablecloth. The collection of embroidered linen tablecloths includes also a modern lace with irregular holes, which can be laid over contrasting colours, or used directly over the table for a minimal chic effect.